Consulting, Engineering and Legal Support

environmental consultantOur over 60 years of hands on experience as business people knows and understands the mandated issues to protect and continue to operate your business during emergencies, compromised conditions, financial, regulatory compliance and legal issues that require attention. Cost Control / Cost recovery, elimination of wasteful trial and error measures. Inland / Polsinello initial goal and objective is to prepare you from A–Z, educate and have you understand the process, defaults, alternatives, options and contingency. Not to spend good money spent on wasteful objectives that result in limited progress, or in the worst-case repercussions.

Inland / Polsinello can provide a progressive and continuously amended outline to enhance your decision making considerations with options, alternatives and contingency eliminating costly, time consuming, and unnecessary trial and error mistakes that may provide additional repercussions to your business operations.  We work with clients in the USA as well as Russia.  You can find more information here: www.bostonmoscow.com  / www.moscowboston.com      

Inland / Polsinello has proven ability to provide encompassing consultation to you and your legal representation in protecting your best and position of control and authority. Polsinello has experience on multiple side of the table, defending, plaintiff, establishing points, positions, details, reference of regulatory and strategy, questions of consideration, cross examination, deposition and expert witness in support of the legal profession. Experience includes being successful as a plaintiff and defendant within our own businesses with no compromise to our own financial condition, maintaining an impeccable reputation and respected regulatory compliance history with the regulators.

Inland / Polsinello has a long history of honesty, integrity quality service, while protecting the public interest, health & safety of all interests and the environment. On a strictly professional level we understand and possess the ability to communicate, provide readily accepted submittals, conduct presentations, expedite amendments and obtain approvals, permits, licenses, administrative consent orders, orders of condition, building permits, sub division, code enforcement in support of your project or regulatory enforcement orders.

Environmental Consulting & Legal Support Consultant

Our knowledge of civil engineering, environmental sciences to include wetlands, endangered species, wildlife habitat, water resource, public water supply, estuaries, salt marsh, fresh and salt water, beach erosion and protection, stormwater management, individual, private and public domestic and industrial waste treatment facilities.

A major issue, initially public school systems and more recently private buildings has been the issues of PCB (poly chlorinated biphenyl’s) in window caulking and building materials. Inland / Polsinello had performed and completed as a major sub contractor on a Massachusetts Public Water Treatment Facility preparing, submitting for approval to the U.S. EPA Administrator the PCB Work and Health & Safety Plan, performing the onsite daily supervision, post sampling, laboratory analysis, post closure, Agency resident engineer’s support services to a successful conclusion. PCB issues mandate initial decision making that may or may not require actions. Serious potential defaults and consequences must be considered to protect your interests and ability to address regulatory and financial costs.

Our experience investigating, negotiating contracts for purchase and sale, planning, engineering, permitting, preparing specifications / requests for proposals, selection of qualified competitive bid general, specialty, sub contract, general contracting and project management, post completion and turn key / joint ventures for residential, commercial, industrial, marine and aviation facilities to include our own projects.

Inland / Polsinello owned and operated an aviation / aircraft management business in the interest of providing emergency response in the North East U.S. for Inland Pollution Control. Polsinello conducted business in the Russian Federation circa 2000-2010 to include the purchase and sale of real estate in the City of Moscow. Pantooset Farms Inc. was a single-family residential sub division on the North River, South of Boston Massachusetts. The project included a successful lawsuit as a plaintiff against the local conservation commission operating during that period acting arbitrary and capricious in denying permits.