Environmental Risk Management

environmental risk managementIPC / Polsinello provides experienced “Environmental Risk Management” based on over 60 years combined successful business operations. Inland & Polsinello Company’s were the first environmental / pollution control originating in the 1950’s 1960’s and through the origination of Inland Pollution Control (IPC) performing emergency response to petroleum and hazardous materials spill cleanup, assessment and remediation.

IPC / Polsinello originated during the development of the early environmental protection laws and regulations continuing through “Risked Based Assessment” given the location of the real estate assessment relative to sensitive human and environmental receptors’ and use.

Environmental Risk Assessments & Environmental Management Consulting

IPC / Polsinello can provide You with the education, understanding and place You in the position to intelligently address regulatory compliance, health & safety and legal responsibilities with the various interests, stakeholders, cost control in the interest of completing Your business at hand.

Environmental Risk Management addresses many pertinent points in addition to a consultant / specialist focusing on a “Risked Based Assessment” specific to chemical analysis that may be in the environment applicable to the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP). Understanding that application should be your goal in controlling cost and protecting the value of the asset and provide contingency in the event HAZARDOUS WASTE CLEANUP may or may not be required.