environmental site assementsSince 1993 Joseph V. Polsinello has performed, completed and reviewed thousands of Environmental Site Assessment reports ranging from Transaction Screen, Phase I and Phase II ESA. Considering the importance and responsibility IPC / Polsinello performs the investigations, inspections and assessments by senior experienced and qualified professionals to ensure compliance and application to the interests. Consider the IPC senior qualified experience versus junior entry-level individuals who actually go out and look at the property and engage with the combined stake interests.


Environmental Impact Assessments & Environmental Consulting

Environmental Site Assessment encompasses a priority of interests, previous owners, prospective buyers, lenders, tenants, property managers, abutting and adjacent property concerns and considerations. Joseph Polsinello recognizes that business and legal contingency as an experience businessman, owner and operator of residential, commercial and industrial real estate to include marine petroleum terminals and gasoline stations.

IPC / Polsinello performs, conducts environmental site assessments as if we were buying, selling, leasing or lending against the property, private or recognized lending institution. IPC / Polsinello considers contingency, foreclosure, baseline of conditions and defense against prospective loss and litigation.

Considering your investment, protection of the asset, recovery at foreclosure, compromised regulatory compliance, consideration of recourse and potential litigation; comprehensive industry requirements, i.e. ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials), AAI (U.S. EPA All Appropriate Inquiry), Application to the MA DEP MCP and other State and Local Laws and Regulations require consultation, development of a business plan, coordination with your selling / purchasing Attorney and Lending Institution’s requirements.