Hazardous Waste Clean-up Management

hazardous wasteInland Pollution Control (IPC) / Polsinello was one of the first original emergency spill response / cleanup remediation company based in Albany, New York and Boston, Massachusetts from 1970 – 1988 until the sale of Inland Pollution Control to Waste Management Company. Clients’ include a multitude of Fortune 500 Companies, Polaroid, IBM, General Electric, Boston Edison, Westinghouse, Raytheon, State of New York DEC, and the U.S. EPA. Joseph Polsinello is one of the initial 1993 LSP’s (Licensed Site Professionals) under the New Massachusetts MCP (Massachusetts Contingency Plan).

Inland Pollution Control (IPC) / Polsinello originated from the petroleum business in the Port of Albany. In the late 1960 Polsinello as general contractors provided a multitude of services to the major oil companies, pipeline, tank cleaning, tie of and cast away, inventory and transfer of gasoline and fuel oil from ocean going ships and barges. As referenced photographs and news releases Inland / Polsinello provided emergency response and remediation to tank truck highway petroleum and chemical spills, PCB fires in high rise building in Boston, petroleum marine terminals, barge and ship spills, underground storage tanks, PCB caulking and building materials, groundwater, public drinking water facilities, waste treatment; issues of vapor intrusion and air quality.

Inland / Polsinello owned and operated marine tank farm facilities, gasoline stations, warehouse and industrial facilities. As general contractors Inland / Polsinello owned and operated heavy construction equipment, performed demolition, underground storage tank removal and replacement, excavation of contaminated soils and groundwater recovery and treatment. The importance of IPC / Polsinello will place you in a position of intelligent decision making to evaluate what proposed continued assessment and remediation may or may not be proposed by the consultant. ENVIRONMENTAL RISK MANAGEMENT provided as business people.

Hazardous Waste Consulting

The main intangible resource NOT provided by the Hazardous Waste Remediation Contractors and consultants is Our experience, first as business people, second, NOT being contractors, and NOT in business to obtain Service Revenue, We become an in-house resource to You in making business decisions as if we owned and operated the business with you.

In the event remediation is required, IPC / Polsinello, with You in the position of authority and control can evaluate the issues; determine the applicability of what has been assessed, proposed and conclusion as may or may not be qualified and consistent with engineering principles and applicable to regulatory compliance as intended.

IPC / Polsinello can formulate specifications and bid documents, segregate specific items in the selection of qualified and competitive vendors eliminating trial and error, redundant costs and unnecessary makeup add on percentage, overlapping management and carrying costs.

Our over 60 years of hands on experience as business people further enhances your issues by our CONSULTING, ENGINEERING AND LEGAL SUPPORT expertise.