Joseph V. Polsinello is one of the first initial and continuing practicing Licensed Site Professionals (LSP) since the New 1993 Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) 310 CMR 40.0000, Massachusetts General Law (MGL) Chapter 21E.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MA DEP) program provides an excellent opportunity for those applicable to the standards with options and alternatives in regulatory compliance. The most important aspect is obtaining an understanding, education, peer review and second opinion relative to reporting, scope of work, requirements for assessment and closure of a contaminated real estate property. The costs can escalate beyond your imagination.

Regulatory Compliance & Site Consultant

Based on our vast, proven experience in the environmental industry combined with a working knowledge and business acumen as land planners, developers, contractors and owners of residential, commercial, industrial and marine facilities to include petroleum terminals and gasoline stations we can provide that insight and intangible resource.

Whether you are in the initial stages, progressive or final stages of the process as an owner, prospective buyer, lender or legal representative give us a call. Considering the cost and impact to your investment, peer review and second opinion is prerequisite to controlling your costs and destiny. An LSP’s priority and mandate is to apply Response Action Performance Standards (RAPS) that shall be protective of health, safety, public welfare and the environment. In reference to the “Guide to Licensed Site Professionals and the LSP Board”, The Board requires LSP’s to follow DEP’s requirements for assessing and cleaning up a “Site”. The Board can discipline the LSP.

Considering the LSP’s above stated responsibility; there may be limited cost considerations in the implementation of a scope of work plan, signed and paid by you, submitted to the DEP, with completion mandated to obtain compliance or future actions.